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Dear Friend,

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I want to thank you again for your support in my 2018 congressional campaign. Since I announced my 2020 campaign, many supporters have reached out to me to ask why I am not running again in TX-11. I want to take a few minutes to share my reasons…

First, I have always strongly believed that every candidate should run in the district in which she lives and votes, and that has not changed. For years I have lived, voted, and served as Democratic county chairperson of Llano County, while commuting to Austin (a distance of about 70 miles) to my job as a swim coach. Following the last election, however, I chose to relocate to Austin, where I now live and work full-time.

My second reason for running in TX-21 is that my ties to this community run deep. Today, I live on the Sunset Valley property in South Austin that my grandparents purchased in 1950. My paternal grandfather purchased our family farm in Kerr County in 1882. Now classified as a Century Family Farm in the Texas Family Land Heritage program, the farm is still owned and farmed by my family. Additionally, I am a descendant of the original founding families of Kendall County, where much of my family lives to this day.

I will bring the same can-do attitude to this race that I brought to my previous campaign—fighting for universal healthcare, infrastructure including high speed internet, affordable higher education, common sense gun control, and environmental protection.

I am asking for your support in this race. Even though I will not be your direct representative, my vote will still represent you and all Texas Democrats!

Please join me again as I pledge to represent all Texas Democrats. Your donation to my last campaign made a HUGE difference.

Let’s keep fighting together for our common values. Donate $100 today.

Your friendship and support are always appreciated.

Show ‘em what True Blue Texans can do!


Jennie Lou Leeder

Democratic Candidate for Congress Tx-21

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Jennie Lou Leeder