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Democrat Jennie Lou Leeder Wants to Work for You!

“Our state and nation are worth fighting for. This election isn’t just about healthcare, the environment, affordable higher education, equality for all, and immigration reform. It’s also about who we are as a nation…”

-Jennie Lou Leeder, Candidate for Congress, Tx-21

Our nation is being tested, and no less is at stake than the Rule of Law.

Nobody in our nation should be above the law, especially not the highest leader in the land, the president. If the degradation of the norms of our great nation continues as it has for the last two years, not only will all of our lives be impacted, the future of the nation will be at stake.

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The Blue Wave brought us a strong, Democratically controlled Congress to hold the president’s hateful agenda at bay. In 2020, we need to build on that success by sending MORE Democrats to Congress.

Help me to fight for our families, state, and nation.

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It’s time for a TRUE BLUE TEXAN to be your voice in Washington!

Jennie Lou Leeder