It’s time in America for single-payer universal healthcare for all. In advanced nations, people should not be forced to choose between paying their rent or groceries and paying for lifesaving medicine or care.

Where women’s health is concerned, I am pro-care from the womb to the tomb.  I believe women of all ages have a right to proactive, informed care, and that each and every woman must have autonomy in decisions made over her body and the care that she receives for any issue.

Medicaid and Medicare are essential safety nets for senior citizens, our disabled folks, and children living under the poverty line. I believe both these essential systems should be expanded and eventually merged into a universal healthcare system.


It is our government’s responsibility to ensure that our elections maintain their integrity, meaning that the vote cast is the vote counted, that every American eligible to vote is able to vote, and that voter power is not diminished via gerrymandering. Investments in election security must address the changing nature of technology, as well as the technological capabilities of global “bad actors” looking to exploit the democratic process. At the same time, barriers designed to make it more difficult for eligible individuals to vote, such as voter ID laws, must be removed. Finally, districts designed to give unfair advantage of one party over another must be reviewed and redrawn to ensure equitable representation. Our democracy only works if the government elected truly represents the will of the people.

Women’s Rights

A woman’s choice with regard to family planning is her own to make, in consultation with her family, doctor, personal conscience, and/or faith, as she chooses. I support investment in family planning initiatives that would increase the accessibility of family planning facilities and information for Texas women, and especially for poor and rural women who may have limited access to care. I support efforts to decrease teen and unwanted pregnancies through age-appropriate sexual education and contraception availability. I support paid maternity/paternity leave and funding to make available affordable and quality childcare for working families.

 Women work as hard as men and should be paid the same amount for the same work. I support the passage of the Paycheck Fairness Act, which would provide stronger incentives for companies to follow the law ratified in the Equal Pay Act of 1963, enhance federal enforcement capabilities, and prohibit retaliation for wage practice inquiries.


Access to a quality public education is a right guaranteed by the Constitution. As a daughter of two retired teachers and former teacher myself, I know the challenges teachers and students are faced with today.  Addressing those problems begins with properly funding public schools and ensuring that state and federal tax dollars paid into public schooling remain dedicated to public schooling.

 Increasing federal funding for public education would decrease inequities in rural/urban/suburban schools and reduce the burden on local taxpayers. School facilities must be invested in as infrastructure projects, so that we can ensure the best quality learning environments for all students, including high speed internet access at school so students may complete their school projects and access educational material. I also strongly support the inclusion of trade programs at high schools for those students who do not wish to attend college.

 In addition, higher education—including post-secondary vocational schooling, community college, and university education—should be affordable for all who wish to attend. Students should not be saddled with debt upon graduation.

Border Security

I believe in building bridges of diplomacy, not walls. In addition to being our neighbor, with whom we share 1,954 miles of beautiful ecology and geography, Mexico is our third largest trading partner, and we are her single largest trading partner. While we do need strong border security to ensure that criminal and terrorist actors are not taking advantage of this relationship, that security would be better achieved through providing our Border Agents with needed training, high-tech surveillance equipment including drones, and by increasing agents’ pay and the number of agents on the ground. We need to end Trump’s zero tolerance policy at the border and reunite the migrant children with their parents and offer them a pathway to citizenship.


Dreamers should be provided with a path to permanent citizenship. They should be afforded the rights that all U.S. born citizens have once they have completed the path to citizenship. DACA recipients should also be granted access to all programs they have paid into via their paychecks, including Social Security and Medicare.


The energy platform of the future will be based in low-carbon, renewable resources. At this time of transition, however, we must work to bring together solar, wind, and petroleum energy to fill the current and future needs of our nation’s energy usage without leaving behind those communities whose economies are based in petroleum extraction. We can accomplish this through investment in alternative fuels—wind, sun, and natural gas—which are as plentiful as crude, if not more so, in our district. Already, Texas is the nation’s leader in wind energy. With investments, we could also be the nation’s leader in solar energy.


We need commonsense gun law reform in our country. This includes closing the gun show and internet purchase loopholes, changing the legal age to 21 to purchase long guns, and making automatic weapons and bump stocks illegal. I would support the reinstatement of the Clinton Assault Weapon Ban. As a former teacher, I strongly oppose the president’s proposal to arm teachers. Our educators have a job to do, and that job does not include serving as an armed patrol. I do believe that we need community service officers on school campuses to increase campus safety and act as liaisons with vital service providers in the community.


Our national infrastructure is more than just our roads and bridges. It’s the pipes that carry our drinking water, the rail system, National Wildlife refuges, levee and other flood protection systems, port and shipyards, the power grid, hospital and medical systems, and broadband connectivity. When we create the projects to fix all these aspects of our national infrastructure, we create jobs.  If we invest in not only fixing but maintaining these systems, we create stable jobs for the future.

LGBTQ Rights

I don’t judge a person by who they love, or what they wear, or what their gender identity is, and neither should our government. Every American deserves equal rights and equal protection under the law. Marriage equality is the law of the land, and will remain rightly so. In addition, I support the extension of Title IX protections to LGBTQ students, especially and including transgender students.

Social Security and Medicare

Social Security and Medicare are promises we make to the American worker, ensuring that he or she is able to enjoy a more secure retirement at a reasonable age. These programs must be protected and should not be altered in a manner that would push back the age of retirement for American workers.